Why PTCL Internet Has Suddenly Slowed Down?

If the results you get are consistently below expectations, the cause is more likely to look on the side of your provider.

While you use a dedicated line to connect up to your ISP, it uses bundled lines to connect all Internet subscribers. In most cases, these shared connections display less capacity than the addition of all client connections they serve. And if the airline overbooking example is limited to a few dozen seats per plane, the Internet service providers themselves can easily overbook their internet connectivity ten, twenty or even fifty!

I Thought My PTCL DSL Connection Was Faster?

Between your computer and the server that sent this web page, there are probably dozens of routers, communications links and other network components through which this page had to go.

The test results may be affected by any network congestion between you and our servers. If you have downloads in progress, it may also influence the results.

Why do I get different results each time I run my connection speed test?

Like any large transport infrastructure, the Internet is composed of many crossings and junctions, each with its own capacity and speed limit. Sometimes we see slowdowns in traffic. In same way that you should stay in your car while the traffic light lets other drivers, the data sent to your computer to wait while other data passes before reaching you.

You logically more likely to experience a slowdown in traffic during the hours when attendance is highest. Similarly, traffic conditions can affect your speed and depend on the geographical situation of the consulting site.