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PTCL Speed Test

First of all, does your internet speed correspond to the promises of your operator? PTCL Speed Test helps you to check if you are getting the same speed as committed by ISP.

Several Speed test tools make it possible to check whether you have connected thanks to ADSL, optical fiber, 3G or 4G. In this article, we go around different solutions that can test the speed of an Internet connection in the simplest way in the world.


In the Internet world dominated by surfing, streaming and online video games, speed has always been and will remain a sacred criterion. Unfortunately, we often do not get exactly what we pay for. There are a plethora of online debit test tools that can be used to check the quality of service of your ISP. Here is our selection of the most reliable ones.


What’s Included in your PTCL Speed Test Result:

Response time: The reaction speed of your connection.
Download: Download Speed of Your Connection.
Upload: Upload Speed of your Connection.

Why it’s Important to Close All Application/Devices Before Starting Test

While checking your internet speed it’s important to close all applications and browsers and disconnect all devices connected to the internet.

The number of Internet users connected to your network and the consumption of the uses (the HD video, in particular, consumes a maximum of data) impact in real time the bandwidth of your connection and thus its speed and the numbers given by the test.

Most importantly this will ensure you only get full internet speed and that will be the accurate speed of which is provided by PTCL/other ISPs. Better to test speed three times and the average will be the best speed. Additionally, if your internet is shared (from ISP) then it’s quite possible you are getting low speed during peak hours.

All of your devices connected to your internet line (computers, phone by Wi-Fi, tablets …) communicate with the servers of websites and web services. The rates are calculated in megabit/second (Mbit/s).

Your downstream rate indicates the amount of data you receive, likewise, your upload is the amount you send when you use your email, add photos and videos to social networks, and so on.

Is Internet speed will be same on DSL and Fiber Link (GPON)

Between ADSL and the fiber optic connection, PTCL speed test will give different results. Fiber is technologically advanced at the moment and offers an optimal comfort of Internet use with higher test results for your line.

Good practices to improve Internet speed

The Internet Speed is also dependent upon the type of connection:

Wireless connections like WiFi and Bluetooth are propagated by waves and are less reliable.

While the Ethernet cable guarantees you an optimal bandwidth. Most noteworthy shared connection between multiple devices will naturally divide the bandwidth.

The right choice of your internet offer and your equipment can allow you to reach a bitrate at 1Go / second (1000 Mbits), as well as a comfortable quality of service.

Tips to avoid falsifying the results of your tests

Before you cry out in case the results of your tests are not what you expected. It is important to check that the tests are running in optimal conditions. This depends on several factors related to your local network similarly on the device on which the test is performed.

For a good measure of the flow from a computer (ADSL, Fiber):

  • Turn off other devices connected to the network.
  • Turn off game consoles.
  • Make sure no one else is connected to your internet box.
  • Make sure your device is as overloaded as possible when running the test.
  • Leave the minimum of tabs open at the browser level.
  • Most importantly close resource-hungry applications.
  • Besides, stop all downloads in progress (P2P or direct download).

Measure the speed of a 3G/4G connection on smartphone/tablet

  • Preferably use an application rather than a website.
  • Internet sharing is disabled.
  • Close current applications from the multitasking screen.
  • Optimize RAM if you have a specialized application.

How to Check PTCL Bill

To check PTCL Bill Online you need to open this link. For this, you need to have your Phone Number and Account ID.

Once this information is submitted, you can view the duplicate of your bill.

How to find Account ID

Account ID is unique ID which is available on top of all PTCL bills.


How to check PTCL Account ID
How to check PTCL Account ID

PTCL Broadband Packages 2018


With countrywide coverage & connectivity, PTCL Broadband in Pakistan gives families the capability to enjoy seamless browsing, downloading and streaming.


  1. Cost effective and always accessible
  2. High-speed data downloads
  3. Free Modem
  4. Convenient ordering on phone and web
  5. 24-hour complaint system
  6. Access to HD web resources

Below, you can now choose the package that best suits your surfing style.


FEATURESMonthly2 Mbps Starter5 Mbps Starter1 Mbps2 Mbps
Volume25 GB60 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Internet Charges (PKR)8751,1491,3991,625
Over the limit downloads per GB (PKR) **100100
VOICESelection of 1 Option
Freedom Unlimited*** (PKR)250250250250
U Freedom (PKR)400400400400
Freedom Plus (PKR)649649649649
ADDONSSmart TV (PKR)499499499499
Smart TV App (PKR)99Free9999
Smart Link App (PKR)FreeFreeFreeFree
  • **After additional 10 GB over the quota usage, broadband becomes unlimited.
  • ***Freedom Unlimited default package unless another package is selected.
  • ✔ New Broadband over existing Landline: Rs. 2,499 inclusive of Tax
  • ✔ New Double Play (Landline+Broadband): Rs. 3,999 inclusive of Tax


PTCL Helpline Contact

PTCL Customer Care department is always available for your help, the following is contact details:

Email address


Corporate Customer Centers

PTCL F-8 Exchange
Nazim-Ud-Din Road
F-8/1, Islamabad
ph:   111 20 20 20
Ground Floor, EVP Office,
Hatim Alvi Road, Clifton, Karachi.
Ph:   111 20 20 20
26A Civic Centre
Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore.
Ph:  111 20 20 20


 Assistance Just A “Call” Away

You can call on following numbers for any desired service

New service requirement or purchase assistance1218
To Update Directory Inquiry0800 0 1217
OSS Helpline111 28 28 28 
Corporate Helpline1260 & 111 20 20 20
Billing information1200
Inquiry or directory services1217
Complaint registration or help on any fault1218
Assistance on all services1218