Test the quality of your Broadband connection by using PTCL SPEED TEST Online web application. There are multiple ISPs working in Pakistan. No matter which one you are using, your access to any website is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps) or kilobytes per second (Kbps).

PTCL SPEED TEST app is famous in Pakistan for Broadband speed test. The higher rate represents better internet connection, your downloading and browsing experience will be enriched. Speed Test PTCL is offering different capacity internet connections, PTCL broadband speed test users can get from 2mb to 100mb connection, above 8mb connections are limited to certain areas in big cities.

Why is Broadband speed slow in Pakistan?

Fast Internet Connection is essential these days as most of our communication is on the internet using Skype, WhatsApp etc. internet should be so smooth that when you open any site you don’t need to wait for the website to complete its loading. But do you know why exactly your internet is slow? Ok let me tell you few reasons;

Bad Landline (Noise, or multiple joints).

Your Landline should be clean, no joints, no Noise. In case you have Noise Please contact PTCL Helpline to rectify your line issue.

Peak Hours (6:00 pm to 10:30 pm).Usually, people use social media sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, and torrent applications more during this period, as they are got free from other tasks.

Home Sharing.

Any of your family members are using the internet, watching Youtube Videos etc.

Torrent or other Peer to Peer applications.

Yes, if you are using torrents, you must stop your program and stop torrent downloading/uploading.

Optimize  Windows

Optimize your windows to perform better, usually due to slow computer and low ram cases slowness of browsing. Learn how to Improve the Computer Speed

Low Disk Space.

Low Disk space of especially Windows drive can reduce your system performance dramatically, it’s essential that you know how to Get Free Space using Disc Cleanup?

Shared Internet Bandwith among others users.

PTCL shares same internet bandwidth between many users, so during peak hours as everyone uses the internet you may feel slow internet browsing.

AntiVirus for Protection from Viruses

AntiVirus software is essentials for each computer. Viruses create extra load on the computer and use windows file to complete their own purposes. During this process, they may use internet bandwidth to upload data from your computer. If you think your computer will slow down after using antivirus you are wrong, as here we list which antivirus has the least impact on system performance?

Best Internet connection is whenever you want you can download movies, songs or can use Facebook and upload videos to youtube without waiting much. DSL speed test is required to check internet speed, which determines the time it takes to download and send data on the Internet.

NOTE: PTCL SPEED TEST measurement may vary throughout the day, as the internet is shared between few other uses and depending upon which time more users are using the internet you may feel slow internet speed.

SLow PTCL Internet


developed by specialists from beginning to end! The idea was to provide a reliable and efficient Internet Speed test that allows measuring the bandwidth of any Internet connection, unlimited flow. PTCL having 80% of User of Internet counting as No. 1 Internet Service Provider.

What the Kilobits / Megabits?

A megabit is a computer unit of measurement equal to one million bits. A megabit (Mbit abbreviation) corresponds to 1,000 Kilobits. One megabit per second is, therefore, corresponds to a volume of data transmitted per second. Be careful not to mix the “bits” and “bytes”! The byte is another unit of measurement data composed of 8 bits.

ptcl speed test

A high-performance ADSL allows download of up to 20 Mbit / s, which corresponds to 2.5 MB per second. Although the two are related, we talk instead in Megabits per second to measure flow and more megabytes to quantify a volume of data.

Download vs Upload Speed

Download Speed is what you will get while you download anything (movie, song, file etc. ) from any website.

Upload Speed is what you will get when you upload any file to any website, like sending an email and uploading attachments, uploading video youtube sharing video over Whatsapp, Skype, or any other website with your friend.

You can check result of upload and download speed of your internet from our speed test app and can get the idea of internet connection results our app is called ptclspeedtest

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