10 Best Practices To Protect Computer

Every day we are visiting so many sites, and some of them are malicious, contains virus and worms which can harm your computer. Today we offer 10 best practices to quickly set up your PC to make it working in good condition for a long time. Luckily all these steps are very easy Nothing too complex, just simple things and common sense that will allow your computer to last and withstand the time and different attacks he may be the victim.

1 – Use two partitions on your hard drive

Why put everything on the famous C drive? With the large storage capacity of current hard disks, you can partition your hard drive into multiple drives. For example, a C drive where the system and applications and a D drive to store your documents, pictures, movies, music, etc. As in the case of trouble, you can launch a serene relocation of the C drive without data left on the disk D are affected! For more information on handling, see this page .

2 – Have an updated antivirus

Obviously, install antivirus on your PC. Today, many free antiviruses (Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials, Etc.) allow an interesting protection for the needs of most mainstream users. Also, note that the price of a pay protection has now greatly diminished and that it is possible to choose a paid antivirus against only a few dozen euros a year. But the best antivirus remains and will always remain the user. Also need to install two antiviruses on your computer. At best, the second will be ineffective. At worst, it will make the first ineffective … If one day, you catch a virus, needless to think that your security software is inefficient. Think instead to review the way you use your computer by asking the question: how did I catch this virus? Malware settled mostly by surfing dubious websites or trapped, by opening an email, downloading pirated software or after the connection of an unknown device.

3 – Do not open email from an unknown sender

When you receive an email from someone you do not know and / or it is not clearly identifiable. No need to open it and click on the email link, you can directly delete and report spam if your email box allows. Tell yourself that if someone really trying to get in touch with you, not sure he already has your email. And then he will write a specific email subject and identify clearly that the doubt is not allowed.

4 – Putting its software update

We all agree on this point. Doing windows updates or other software never comes at the right time. But be aware that the majority of what is in these updates regarding security. Software companies are very sensitive to the security of their software and want users still can use them safely. So yes, it is long and tedious but it can save you a lot of hassle later update your system and software regularly and block potential security vulnerabilities on your computer.

5 – Do not download anything, anywhere

This is probably by downloading the number of the trapped virus is greatest. So be very careful on sites where you decide to download a free (we’re not talking about illegal downloading because, by definition, it is illegal and constitutes a virus to nest). Prefer reliable sources of reliable downloads you saw listed on various forums / blogs. We will advise you better than you make in priority on the site of the software vendor you wish to download.

6 – Having a secure password and hidden

If any of your passwords are part of this list of 25 worst passwords of 2003 , change in away! If this is your date of birth, it is not better! Priority should be given a password with at least 6 characters and if possible, include letters, numbers and special characters. Moreover, they often find the PC files with all user passwords or so of post-it prominently in front of the computer. Sometimes the file is even available on the desktop and on “passwords” … If you are unable to remember your passwords, choose Password management software that will allow you to access it quickly but above all, never write it on your PC. This makes you too vulnerable.

7 – Do not install 1000 toolbars in your browser

Who has never found one or more toolbars on his web browser and had the biggest trouble to get rid of? Very often such bars are installed together in a forgetting software uncheck a box that merges with the Terms or Conditions. It must be very careful on this because these toolbars are rarely relevant, well tend to slow down your browser and are full of advertising.

8 – Control which programs launch at startup

On Windows, it is possible for you to set the programs that launch at startup. Some are of course required for the proper functioning of the PC but other totally useless and will tend to slow down the launch of the computer. It is quite possible to disable the launch of these programs at startup. This will have no impact on their future use and will allow you to boot your machine essentially more quickly. For more information, we recommend you read this little tutorial .

9 – Store and back up your documents

Finish it with piles of papers lying around on your desk without being stored. If you follow our Board 1, all documents will be on the disc D. Then, organize them! Pro, personal, etc. Remember also to make backups because possess two hard disk partitions will not be useful if the disk has to give up the ghost. The ideal? Having a backup of your data on an external drive that you regularly. Of course, this requires a manual action unless you have a solution that can launch remote backups without logging in. The alternative to our essential sense is to possess a copy of its data in one solution like Cloud. Backups are automatic as you change and are connected to the Internet. The risk of losing data is very low. If you have a lot, it will probably pay a little but the free offers are already very interesting. And do not hesitate to diversify: photos here, pro there, etc. In this area, we strongly recommend DropBox for its ease of use, or Google Drive.

10 – Make regular household

A computer is like a house, it must be maintained regularly. This means that you must, of course, clean physically. Do not hesitate to spend a bomb to dry air in the holes if you find it too hot and a lot of dust has accumulated. However, it is also empty the trash regularly, perform a defragmentation of the hard disk, empty the cookies, browser cache, remove unnecessary software, etc. All the little things that, taken alone, will have little effect but ultimately will restore the fishery to your computer. In this area, a small program is very effective in managing all these tasks. it is CCleaner . We highly recommend it.

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