What differences between used and refurbished laptop?

When one decides to buy a new laptop, the new equipment is not always inevitable. Indeed, other options are available to you: buying a used laptop or a refurbished computer . Both alternatives are not always well known to the public and can sometimes discourage or repel some of you. That’s why we offer this summary folder that is used and reconditioned laptops, their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. What is a used laptop?

    Once a computer has been used, it is considered no longer “new” and therefore by extension, it is used.These computers can come from various sources, such as the renovation of the IT infrastructure of a business, or simply individuals wishing to get rid of their old machine.
    According to the seller are a professional or an individual, price guarantees and state of the used computer very.

    The advantages of the opportunity

    Before buying a computer regardless of its condition, it is important to know your needs and the use you want to do.

    For your needs

    For the office, browse the internet and simple multimedia use, the market opportunity is a great option.Indeed, the latest laptops still ship and still more technologies and innovations, which are not necessary for everyone. The fingerprints reader or muli-touch trackpad, for example, is probably not something indispensable if you want to do your accounting and listen to music, and do not work for the CIA or for the FBI …
    It is now no longer possible, or difficult, to buy a new laptop stripped of some accessories like the integrated webcam, for example, why pay for something that is not useful to you?
    The opportunity allows you to access more or less recent computers, and more or less supplied accessories, but to have on hand something that better suits their needs.

    A very good price / quality ratio

    The biggest advantage of the opportunity undeniably lies in its excellent price / quality ratio. The High Tech market being what it is, a product purchased today loses almost 50% of its value in the following months.If there is a problem for sellers, it’s a bargain for the buyers. It is difficult to give a price range on which lie the laptops used both ranges are varied (design, screen size, performance, storage capacity etc.), but it goes without saying that the prices are often very attractive.

    Help fight against planned obsolescence

    Computers crammed into a case

    Photo credit: annnna_ – Flickr

    When one separates a laptop, depending on the place in which it is deposited, it can be ground as such or partially recycled , that is to say, that some materials are remelted and reused for the creation new components. Unfortunately, most of the losses are colossal time, while the computer keyboard which had a single problem, or a broken screen, could have been rehabilitated for a few euros.
    Buy a used laptop, so give it a second life, and allow to save resources that would have been required to manufacture a new machine (what is commonly called the revaluation ).

    What is a refurbished laptop?

    refurbished product

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    A refurbished laptop is above all, a used computer as soon as the package was opened the computer, it can no longer be considered new. However, the computer repackaged meets a very precise schedule of charges which the used computer is not necessarily subject. Often the refurbished computers relate to exposure models, customer returns for various reasons (model error for example), or models with a slight defect nondestructive manufacturing to its use (scratch, pop). These computers are thoroughly inspected, tested, reformatted (full erase the hard drive and reinstalling the system to its original state) and refurbished , that is to say, all defective parts are repaired or changed if necessary .

    Legally, nothing codifies the term “repackaged product” .This is primarily a marketing creation to distinguish a used product which we imagine he has lived well, a truly open product but which has no or little used.

    The benefits of repackaging?

    Put simply, a refurbished laptop offers all the advantages of the new, including the following examples.


    Because refurbished mac and PC have generally not had time to have an owner before being reintegrated into the circuit of sale, they are often part of the newest computers on the market . The site Refurb Apple or Dell perfectly illustrate this trend. So you can have an almost new computer, equipped with the latest technology, excellent performance, and the latest operating system.

    Excellent quality / price

    Although they are significantly more expensive than the used computers, refurbished offer a value for money unbeatable, since the machine is nearly new, and / or has in most cases never used.


    A repackaged product enjoys the same warranty as to the new product, with the exception of one thing: if repackaged due to a minor aesthetic flaw (scratch, pot), it will obviously not be taken in charge, but the rest yes.

    A repackaged product does not present¬† always ¬†visual imperfection, this remains uncertain. They are also often delivered in different packages for new products even when sold on the manufacturer’s sites.

    Summary of differences between Reconditioning

    As we have seen so far, buying a used or refurbished laptop can be a very interesting alternative to your needs and your budget. Let’s recap the main points of these two alternatives in the table below.


Used Laptop  Refurbished Laptop
Price 20% to 60% of the new price 70% to 80% of the new price
Guarantee According to the seller Yes
performances very variable Good or very good
supplied accessories According to the seller Original supplied
Computer Status very variable Very good
These data are indicative

We hope this issue will help you better understand the difference between opportunity and reconditioning, for it is true that the border is not always obvious to determine.

And you, which solution do you turned to buying your hardware? Your opinions and experiences are of interest, not-so please let us know via the comments!

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