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To be honest, I was not a fan password managers, especially knowing that if we find the master password, all other passwords are at hand.

But given that about 1 in 2 uses the same password for several different sites, although remember multiple passwords we understand it is not easy for everyone.

We also know that 60% of French people do not change their passwords very rarely, and in a few years, a visitor will on average 200 different online accounts.

The problem is that if a hacker finds a single password, it will potentially have access to dozens of accounts. The fact the testing of stolen credentials on multiple sites to hack the accounts using the same password is also a wholly technique called the Credential stuffing.

To summarize: it is not easy to remember 100 different passwords if in addition they should be changed regularly, but it is not secure to have the same password for multiple sites.

I would add that some sites create passwords automatically, it is inevitably difficult to retain because it is only characters, random letters and symbols.

The solution ? Use a password manager.


What is a password manager?

Have you ever forgotten a password if only once? If so, such a program affects you. But it does much more than remembering passwords.

As its name suggests, this is software that takes care of your passwords automatically. It helps you manage, organize, make them strong and store.

Recent passwords managers are even complete identity management, because they facilitate several tasks. You will not need to type your e-mail address, date of birth, address … etc. Once you enter your information and the program will automatically fill fields on sites every time.

There are two other advantages in the fact of using a password manager:

It typically retains a site and connection data associated with this site. Thus, if an attack by Phishingis initiated, the program will not propose to pre-fill the fields, because the site will be different from the original site.

Protection is also effective against keyloggers: you no longer have to type your password at the keyboard, so you avoid the same time to provide a spy program.


What is the best manager free password?

I will not allow myself to judge since I tested one and I am satisfied. This is Dashlane, a Franco-American company.

passwordmanager-autofill passwordmanager-securenotes passwordmanager-securitydashboard

I invite you also to test your turn (it’s free) to judge yourself following in this article.

Dashlane is one password managers among the most popular, it allows to:

  • Save and manage all passwords in one place
  • Login automatically on websites
  • Generate and replace passwords in one click
  • Auto filling out fields in forms
  • Making online shopping easier by backing up data and payment receipts

I will ascend in a moment how to install and use Dashlane, but of course you can use another password manager if the heart tells you. The main competitors are Dashlane KeePass and LastPass, I may occasionally testerais😉

EDIT: Just after the publication of the article, Dashlane happened to version 4 with a simpler usability and new features (while remaining free):

Is a password manager secure?

Excellent question, Dashlane not backup your data remotely if you use synchronization. That is to say that if you do not synchronize your passwords between multiple devices, only one encrypted file will be present on your computer and only your password “master” selected during installation will ensure you get its contents.

In the case where the synchronization is used, the file is still stored on their way servers encryptedagain and again. It would thus not only hack Dashlane servers to find your file, but more successfully decrypt it. And given that AES-256 is highly secure (1.1 x 10 ^ 77 possibilities), it would take millions of years to decrypt a file, so good luck to those who would like to try.

Dashlane does not save either your master password (which is only used locally), but backup your email address.


Download and install Dashlane

I will now guide you step by step to download, install and use Dashlane.

To download Dashlane go here and run the installer. Dashlane exists on Windows and Mac, and is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

You will have to provide the famous master password during installation. This is a very important password, as I recall, this is the one that will provide access to all others. So it must not already be used elsewhere and be complicated enough not to be guessed. Note, however, that you must hold it well (you worry there will be that one to remember!), Because no one can find it for you.


Dashlane then offer you a mini-tutorial very convenient (I personally like to be guided when installing new software):


Once the extension added to your browser and a created identity, you can automatically log into websites:


Let’s move to the interface of Dashlane program.

In the first tab called “Passwords” you can see all the passwords Dashlane automatically retrieved from the browser (and that you just saved in the following):


In the “Security” tab, Dashlane takes all your passwords and displays a security score for each. It also displays an overall safety score that depends in particular on the complexity of your passwords and the fact that they are not reused for several different sites:


Dashlane also stores various information and payment receipts of the transactions:


You can then define trusted contacts who can access your data and thus help you out in case of problems:


And finally, you can naturally create and manage identities for use on websites. You can include add your names, date of birth, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses … etc.

Notice that you can always switch to premium version. This allows you to synchronize your particular data between devices and save them automatically.



If you want to manage your passwords easily and saves a lot of time online, this software is for you.

While knowing that a program manages our passwords do pretty scared, he also defended well against various popular cyber attacks (phishing, keyloggers).

If you have ever used (and still use) a password manager, feel free to share what you think.

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