How to Choose Strong Passwords

Hello Guys, I am going to share a simple tip to create the strong password but it’s easy to remember.

Strong Password but easy to remember!  So here’s how you can make a strong password:

Let’s start by picking a phrase that’s easy to remember, it could be anything which you want to choose.

“Mujy Kyon Nikala”

Now this phrase is from 2017 so let’s add 17 at the end:

“Mujy Kyon Nikala17”

then use the first letter of each word


add some special characters


and you have a secure password which you can customize for each website you visit. For that customize your password by adding a prefix or suffix made from the name of the website for example we’ll add GM for Gmail account password:


Let’s create a password for facebook with a little change in the end, let’s add “FB” in end.


See this will help you in remembering different passwords for different websites, stay safe online. If you have any other suggestions please add in comments 🙂 and help others.

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