How To Clean Laptop Keyboard?

Whether your keyboard becomes dirty or gathering dust, it is always good to redo it a little beauty from time to time. Let’s see together how to clean a laptop keyboard and do it effectively.


Turn off your computer, for safety first, to avoid also writing a series of incomprehensible characters then, when you clean your keys 😉

We’ll have to get rid of all that dust flying, crumbs, hair, and whatnot, as long as it flies. To do this, you can use a hand vacuum or a vacuum cleaner USB keyboard, as it now sells for a pittance. We do not recommend using a vacuum cleaner connected to the mains for power could have a devastating effect, you would not pick up your keys and attachments in your vacuum bag, is not it?:-)

If you do not have this equipment, you can always try the brush between the keys, but it is longer, less efficient, and is not suitable for keyboards where the keys are very close to each other.

After the aspiration is complete you can if you want, use dry air bomb, this product is safe and relatively effective to dust under the keys. It is important to use it after aspiration, as you may otherwise push the deeper residues under the keyboard.


Never place a liquid in direct contact with your keyboard for the simple reason that this liquid could infiltrate the keys and reach the electronics.

Dampen a cloth and apply it on the surface of your keys and edges, one by one. It’s long, but it is 90% of the work.


Finally, we can not say it enough, the keyboard of a computer is a breeding ground for bacteria of all kinds. You can also test through 15 questions, assessing the number of bacteria on your keyboard (in English). You will conclude very quickly that it can be good to apply a little alcohol at 70 ° C regularly. You will find this type of alcohol especially in the form of wipes on the market. Spend one onto your keys and your keyboard and it will breathe new health!

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