Hacking Where to start ?

In this article I will introduce you step into the world of Hacking. If you are starting full, there is absolutely no problem, everyone is a day and I hope you will learn a lot here!😉

I have prepared a list of blog posts that will help you properly start:

  • The course detailing what a hacker monitoring the types of hackers and 7 qualities of a powerful hackerand the steps to follow to start with hacking.
  • The course on the ethics of a hacker to be followed in this blog, the 5 mistakes beginners hacking, the 10 récurentes issues in hacking and how to become a hacker.
  • The tutorial detailing the methods to track a hacker, how to become anonymous and how to recover a hacked account.
  • The Top 10 programs useful to have on hand and the best sites to learn programming.
  • The tutorials on Internet safety the passwords of security, how to secure their Facebook account, how tocreate a secure email address, and finally how to secure his blog.
  • The different web vulnerabilities including XSS, the SQL injection, the BIA fault and even a space simulation exercise to see the flaws as true.
  • I will also ask you to read the DISCLAIMER and the following article before asking questions: Asking for help efficiently.

What’s Blog From Hacker is not

In order to clarify the aim of the website as quickly as possible, know that Blog From Hacker is not a site that will help you hack into a system that is not yours or someone who has not given you permission .

This is not because-I do not care about your problem, but it’s because-I adhere to the ethics of a hacker. The purpose of which, I repeat, is not to hack others but to protect themselves.

Moreover I am subject, just like you, the laws regarding piracy. And “unfortunately” the laws do not provide for a “revenge” part allowing piracy because your spouse has cheated you.

From here on The Hacker Blog, we seek to understand the attacks and malicious techniques used by hackers for the purpose of our defense, and we protect.

Many of you have noticed: Indeed you will not get to pirate the content published here, and this isnormal.

It is for this reason that I am not anonymous, I do not publish from Panama using encrypted messaging systems … etc. I have nothing to hide, computer security is a passion for me and I think that the lessons shared here have already helped a lot of users to secure their systems and their privacy.

Finally, note that you will get help if you are a victim of piracy. But that often when the damage is done, it’s already too late. The blog will therefore also an object preventive. Believe my word as testimonies indicating that the police could not do anything there, I’ve had many. Take your safety seriously.


I have prepared a list of questions that are most often asked me. I will respond in full transparency and I will of course update this page as needed.

How did you learn computers?

It’s a very good question, I learned self-taught computing to 70/100%, according to what we are talking.

In fact, this is for me a story of motivation and passion.

For example, for hacking, I can not say that “I leave that for tomorrow” or that “I did not need to know that.”

Rather, I want to know as much as possible and the biggest obstacle suddenly becomes the timejust. This same time that I use to write articles or help. In this regard, I apologize to her kind teacher who saw my empty chair 2.9 times of 3 because I was drying to take care of my site in the room just above theirs.😉

Somewhere some kind of sacrifice is dedicated to his passion sometimes forgetting other things.

So I learned by practice, wanting to know everything. It reminds me of the math and what I was told at school: “We must do exercises. “Though I hate math and I think the only problem with this statement is the word” should “from the moment you are forced, or when you feel forced, you aremore motivated or passionate, conversely .

Thus, practicing the pleasure and the desire to practice is the best solution.

Of course, if you have before you a course of action to follow, everything is easy, that is why I can help (see end of article).

Writing tutorials and participation in forums also helps a lot to learn. And if you knew everything that I learned just by writing articles of this blog, you do not even believe me!

What do you advise me to do to be good with computers?

I will not allow me to give advice to be “very good”, the qualification is relatively subjective. I do not know everything about everything, even if the domain name might suggest otherwise. Otherwise I think I summarized how to learn the answer to the previous question.

I would add that we must be curious, so now I hear about fault XSS and I do not know what it is, I head to Google, and I have my answer, my lesson. Then I write what I learned as a guide and I put into practice and I did my exercises. It remains for me to push my research to make my duty perfect home. Ok I stop the analogy with the school.

I would also add that in addition to wanting to know everything, you have to be persistent. I could give you tons of examples of things I thought finishing in 10 minutes and took me two days tounderstand. For nothing in the end, apart from switching to another method that it took me this timethree days. (And I still rage this function ToUnicode which uses the same keyboard buffer for all applications!).

For any programming language begin?

The famous question.

Know that I did not question. Simply because, as I said above, seeking to know everything, I have not always order of preference.

Also note that the first language has little importance, on the contrary if you are lost on this, it may be that you have not defined your learning plan.

I do not find that it is risky to learn several languages ​​at the same time, I find them sufficiently different not to confuse them.

I started with the Visual Basic .NET, the successor to VB6.

Why ?

It happened by doing so as it alone in wanting to program a calculator, a monitoring software, etc …

It is a language easy to learn, very powerful, according to what one wants to do with. (I see you laugh, you who are anti-Microsoft and / or pro-C bottom).

Disadvantages: Not portable, gives not the cleanest programming habits given the ease of programming and ways to do so in the event programming.

I then continued with the C and C ++.

I also learned C # in parallel with Visual Basic .NET (usually when you know one, you know the other).

I learned SQL and Java in college … well I learned all defects in Java and how it is inefficient (it is not me who invented it is my teacher who said eh;)).

I learned many web languages ​​on the job by doing, including the creation of websites, including this one.

So come to the right answer to this question:

Learn what you want, depending on your GOAL. If you want to program for the system / network start with C. If you wish to schedule virus applications very quickly and easily – for Windows – TakeVB.NET, if you want to develop a site, learn web languages ​​(PHP, JavaScript), if you want to geek who learns the language to a fair sedémarquerdesautresparcequeçafaitclasse, go to other languages ​​likeEiffel, Ada, Hack etc … And if you want to please Mr. Sonntag learn the Lisaac.

Should I use Linux?

Yes, understanding the functioning of this system is a plus, but you do not have to replace your oldWindows either.

Know that I do not like those who defend Linux for the wrong reason: “Windows sucks”.

I would say the reasons are: The performance (one feels closer to the system and really hands on it) and security (the updates and community contributions are numerous excluding programs Malicious which are in turn less numerous BUT NOT NON-EXISTENT).

PC What do you advise me?

I had two computers in my life that a laptop. The only hardware (hardware) that I made was to change my graphics card. I’m not so oriented hardware, if you ask me questions about it, I can not advise you better than my grandmother.

Or I would use Google, thus actually finding the answer you are looking for and you would have found yourself asking your question to Google.

What websites do you advise me?

Maybe if you ask me this question is that you do not find what you like here. If that’s the case, tell me rather what kinds of articles you would like to read here!

I do not visit specific sites, I have not learned everything on one site and so I have nothing to advise you personally. By cons I can warn you about these little pirated sites that promise mountains and marvels while these are themselves pirates.

Can you hack a Facebook account for me please?(URGENT!!!)

No. See why above.

What is your vision of hacking?Become A Hacker

A sense of knowledge that nobody else can do.

A sentiment to flourish in an unknown discipline, taught little and yet so important.

A feeling of being able to do everything with a computer.

A sense of power to help and protect millions of people.

The hacking is just a hack life, it is not limited to computers. This is a reorganization of knowledge, tools and procedures, in order to improve everything we use, mainly for security reasons. The authority therefore has no place and that information wants to be free.

The image of hacking however tarnished by fraudulent use that may result from the reorganization of knowledge.

Where to start in the hacking?

For me it all started with a search like “how to create a virus.” Always curious, I once asked the question, “but who create viruses, how and why? ”

So I did not follow up the learning plan, I learned where my seeking guided me.

So I started by learning what a virus is and how the program, how it is possible to make it undetectable, how we protect, how to send it via a website, how to find a flaw in a site, how secure a site, how to attack a server, how to secure a server etc …

You see that all knowledge are linked from viruses to web vulnerabilities. This is just an example to demonstrate the links between knowledge. And I am confident that the advice in the first questions, you can from any place and you will arrive at one time or another to cover more or less detail.

So now I had to start to learn everything from the beginning, I think I would follow a plan, a method, a training in hacking, which simply saves a lot of time, and remember the beginning when I said that my only problem was the weather.


Thank you

I want to finish this page thanking you just for visiting. It is you who are great!

You are more likely to visit the site and join the pages on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus).

I’m here for you help in this area. I receive many emails every day and I do my best to answer you, I do not think I’m someone superior, I just love what I do.


If you want to ask me more questions, you are welcome!

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