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Internet Speed Test is important to check as we can get really bad speeds from certain ISPs.,  Basically speed is very important when you’re surfing the internet and you need to know how much how fast your speed is going now. A lot of people make this mistake is kind of funny might do that first two so don’t feel bad but basically i thought the am B&BS stood for makeup bytes per second and let’s clarify it to make a bits there’s a big big difference between megabit and megabyte it’s okay there are eight bits in a byte so even though it says you’re getting I don’t know 3 megabits a second you’re not getting three megabytes a second in fact you’re getting less you’re going to kill bytes in that case so you got to make sure you know this not megabytes a second it’s megabits just to clarify this now certain places give you certain amount of megabits per second and they’ll be very clear on this cock for example they’ll say at least you can get at least 20 megabits per second on average which is when i get normally however sometimes they feel like startling me for some god only knows reason I don’t want I don’t do anything like that but they throttle it and just so you know they do throttle peer-to-peer so if you’re doing torrent even completely legitimate torrents which there are plenty of them out there that give you access to free books legal music legal videos and legal operating system such as you want to they still throttle which darling means they basically take your speed and go like this they’re not exactly fair about this so a way to tell what how your speed is going is basically to go to a website and i’m going to show you this website right now gonna launch this up here so basically you want to go to not . met and basically it’s a cool little speed tester here and it will tell you how fast it pings it hanging means basically check your internet connection to see how fast together so it gets a response from apply and we will see how spat at excuse me we will see how fast are ISPs so I’m just going to go here as you can see my and yes I’m giving you my local cocks IP address look it up so normally on average i should get about 20 of these guys are really for some reason i’m only getting about 13 to 15 it’s very nice when I get 15 i normally get 20 or 21 but today it’s being really slow and you need to know this megabits per second 14.8 five megabits per second now lets you download speed when you download a file if you don’t know it downloading is basically when you save a file from the internet or when you load an image like this one here now the thing to note is your upload speeds when you’re uploading to a website for example when i upload my videos to youtube I only get 7.63 megabits per second that’s horrible but it gets the job done now on the other hand i’m curious to hear your speeds if you are on dsl which is digital subscriber line just to get the terms out of here you need to know your speed because you’re probably getting a lot less than this chances are you getting about 3 megabits per second which is pathetic but on the other hand it saves you time and money now also what’s nice about this whole speed test service is the fact that they have it for iphones or droids or I mean androids i should say you can get this app on your phone and basically a link towards it but you can just go on the apple store and go to it now you can also basically test out your 3g speeds that’s why they give you this if you’re on Wi-Fi will test out your Wi-Fi here on 3g or 4g for that matter of that little test out your gorgeous connections now I had one bad day actually too bad days cocks where I was getting literally probably one megabit a second okay my phone i did a speedtest the hunt is three to four megabits a second and this is 3g speeds so why Cox which is the cable company has had problems i don’t know but I’m not exactly a fan of them just so you know so if you spread the word and have cox and don’t like it definitely give a thumbs up to this video because i’m not exactly too much of a fan however if you appreciate their services also give them up I mean when it works it works i will say that but I’m just overall not a huge fan of cox communications your friend in the digital age but anyways guys as you can see this website will help you pretty much the term your speed it won’t be perfect but it gives you a physically a relative answer to help ask your connection is and it compares it to other servers now also here’s the thing if you’re getting really fast speeds like for example i work at a school and we’re talking a hundred megabits per second it’s blazing it’s more than five times as fast as my computer then you want to maybe set this up as a server so you can compare to other computers and it’ll just be another nice thing to have this is a really good website in my opinion probably one of the best out there and if you don’t know about it already include a link to this but that’s pretty much it guys I want to tell you how to test out your speeds on your neck working and know-how past your internet service provider isp is so that’s pretty much it guys definitely comment rate and follow me on Google+ and give me an email if you are interested in doing something with me as far as tech related stuff goes so like I said the comments below but my email is put your hacker @ or booty a core whatever way you want to pronounce it or if you want to basically follow me on Google+ going to be Joshua kuti a CL 0 UT IE r and you can find out about my page there so that’s pretty much it guys thank you guys for watching technics your source for tech.


Internet Speed Test, Test.jpg?resize=512%2C289, ptcl speed test