Internet Stopped Working ?

If you internet stopped working, you can check it easily with following steps:

Retrieving connection settings

To diagnose the line, type the following command (Windows XP / Windows 2000) Start / Run:

cmd /k ipconfig /all

Verify that IP address is assigned. If this is the case, proceed to Step 2. Otherwise type the following command and repeat step 1:

cmd /k ipconfig /renew

not work, then the internet connection is not established. The problem may be drivers, an access provider outage or a hardware problem.

Connection Verification

In the results of (1), retrieve the IP address of the default gateway and DNS servers, and then type the following commands:

ping -t adresse_ip_passerelle

If that does not work, then the problem is with the bridge.
Then type:

ping -t adresse_ip_dns

If this does not work, then the problem comes from the name servers.

Checking Name Resolution

finally type:

ping -t

If that does not work, then there is a name resolution problem, either due to a bad connection setup (poor specification of name servers) or a problem with the ISP or a problem due a firewall.

Verification of applications

This is to check different applications using the Net to check if the problem is the software used:

  • Navigator
  • email
  • etc.

Recover its connection after infection

After being infected with some spyware, it may be that you have lost your Internet connection. for this use any good Antivirus program



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