Nokia 3310 Old Vs New

While the big names of the smartphone play the card of higher bidding with bigger screens, more powerful cameras, more powerful processors, Nokia has taken the industry backward-haired with the return of the 3310, a classic mobile phone , A “feature phone”, just equipped with 2G. It is the founders of HDM, the company that operates the Nokia brand under license in mobile telephony, who decided to play the nostalgia card by bringing back to the taste of the day this mythical device, marketed in the years 2000 and which ‘ Was then sold at 126 million copies. At the risk of seeing him steal the show at the range of Nokia smartphones under Android also unveiled this week.


Is the new Nokia really a copy of the old 3310?

If the designers tried to give it back its characteristics of yesteryear, the result does not seem to quite match the expectations of the purists. The phone is thinner, sees its rounded edges, reveals a color screen, but also a camera. Even the game that made its world famous,  Snake , gains in modernity in a new edition signed Gameloft.

Nostalgics may therefore be disappointed. Only the T9 mode and navigation keys recall the original. For the rest, new features have enriched the mobile like a 2 million pixel camera, 16 MB memory with the ability to add a 64GB micro SD card, color screen and MP3 player, among others . Four colors will be available for sale, yellow, red, blue and gray, unlike the authentic genuine tone terms. The battery life, true myth of the Nokia 3310, is also improved. Designers put forward a resistance of 22 hours for communications, but especially 31 days in standby, without recharging the phone.

Why a new marketing, seventeen years later?

 By raising the 3310, the Finnish company HMD intends to bet on the symbol, but especially on nostalgia. Far from being able to make the same sales as before, the group’s objective is to find the basics of telephony, by a niche market that is vintage. With the BlackBerry Bold, the Nokia is among the pioneers of the sector. His return takes place in a context where a nostalgic and loyal clientele increasingly seeks to stand out in relation to the mass, while at the same time finding its fundamentals.

Nokia, which had bet on low-cost, solid and practical phones in the early 2000s, failed to anticipate the arrival of smartphones. The group, which is the leader in mobile telephony with a 40% market share, is missing the turn of the mobile Internet, in favor of Apple whose first iPhone will be released in 2007. For lack of discernment, the Finn does not believe in The touch screen and does not launch into new generation phones, which will sign its decline.

Who is HMD, the Finnish company that markets the remastered Nokia?

After years of major difficulties in the telecommunications market, Nokia sold its mobile division in 2013 to Microsoft, which will sell it to a subsidiary of Chinese Foxconn. Finnish group HMD, founded by HTC alumni, Microsoft and Nokia, has negotiated the rights to use the brand – and the 3310 – in 2016, and handles the communication and marketing of new phones. But in reality, as the frandroid site explains , HMD is not a start-up that begins in telephony. All the key positions of the company are occupied by Nokia alumni, experienced and veterans of the parent company.

Can we still get the original?

The new Nokia is expected to reach the market in the second quarter of 2017 at the price of 49 euros. But for the impatient, it is always possible to get the original on the resale platforms online. The announcement at the Mobile World Congress of the return of the 3310 has aroused the enthusiasm of the most nostalgic, causing prices to rise. Some new products exceed one hundred euros on sites like eBay or LeBonCoin. Return of a mythical product or resurrection timely, the Nokia 3310 has not finished talking about him, eleven years after his disappearance from the market.

A very distant relationship

For his communication, Nokia has taken over the name of his best known phone, but this new 3310 is clearly not the descendant of the handset that any college wanting to be seen had in his pocket at the time. Thinner, lighter, with a bigger screen and color … Yes, this Nokia 3310 (2017) has evolved, but has it done the right way?


Nokia seems to be doing too much, hesitating between offering a dumbphone at a low price and a brilliant product that can attract lovers of bad taste. The original matt coating leaves room here for mirror shells that smell cheap plastic at the first caress. All fine and light, this vintage 2017 does not breathe the solidity of its ancestor, a property that has yet made the latter a real meme on the Internet. If one could throw his 3310 on the 3rd floor without fear of breaking it, it is not without a drop of sweat on his forehead that this new variant of a man’s height would be let loose. As proof, the logo was already detached from the back shell on the model we tested.

The fault may also be the impossibility of opening the hull, which allowed the 3310 of yesteryear to burst into multiple pieces before it can be reassembled simply.

“It’s a good thing, the Nokia 3310 has been much talked about, more than 10,000 articles have been written about it in three days,” said Pekka Rentala, marketing director of HDM. He is convinced that such a device, which will be sold 49 euros and available from the second quarter has its place on the market. “We aim not only for the nostalgic of the years 2000 but also the younger generations. The 3310 meets certain needs, it allows to be reachable in case of emergency, without being tempted to look at its emails, its social networks permanently. The 3310 can be used to make digital detox, “says Pekka Rentala. The 3310, in spite of a sales price finally high enough in view of its characteristics, could also be the first equipment for those who do not have the means to Invest more in a phone. “The telephone operators have shown interest in this mobile, which can enable them to return to the entry-level market. They lost market share in the face of traditional distribution and now account for only 40% of telephone sales in France. With a device at 49 euros, they can reposition themselves on a segment of clientele that escaped them, “notes a fine connoisseur of the market.

For its part, Pekka Rentala, a former Nokia veteran who does not hide his passion for the Finnish brand, is determined to restore its former chandelier in mobile telephony. For this, the HDM teams have mobilized the industry. “We have strategic partnerships with Nokia, for the brand, with Android for software, with Google for services and with Foxconn, which manufactures smartphones for the biggest brands in the industry,” says Pekka Rentala. With all its good fairies around its cradle, the company, which began its activity last December, intends to arrive quickly at the front of the stage. “We want to be part of the top 5 in the coming years,” says HMD’s marketing director.

Android Smartphones

The 3310 is not the only weapon available to Nokia to sign his return. HMD, the “Home of Nokia Phones”, also launched a range of three Android smartphones, the Nokia 3, 5 and 6. This is the first time in history that Nokia-branded smartphones have the system Google’s operating system. For the record, Nokia had developed its own operating system, Symbian, before deciding to opt for Windows Phone, that of Microsoft. In 2013, Stephen Elop, who was then president of Nokia had decided to in mobile terminals at Microsoft. Last year, the American giant has thrown in the towel and sold its telephone manufacturing plant in Vietnam to HDM.

The return of the Nokia brand to mobile telephony also enables the group, a telecom equipment manufacturer, to reinforce its brand image in the general public. He bought out last year. On Sunday, he announced that the connected products of Withings (watch, balance, thermometer …) would now be marketed under the name of Nokia. Cedric Hutchings, co-founder of Withings and president of Nokia Tech believes that there “will have a win-win effect between product lines, each will benefit from each other’s reputation.”

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