PTCL Broadband Internet Packages

PTCL Broadband is the largest and fastest growing broadband service in Pakistan.  Since its launch on 19th May 2007, the service has grown to serve over millions of customers in more than 2000 cities and towns.

With country-wide coverage & connectivity, PTCL Broadband in Pakistan gives families the capability to enjoy seamless browsing, downloading and streaming.



  1. Cost effective and always accessible
  2. High speed data downloads
  3. Free Modem
  4. Convenient ordering on phone and web
  5. 24 hours complaint system
  6. Access to HD web resources

Below, you can now choose the package that best suits your surfing style.


  • * FUP (Fair Usage Policy) applies if downloads reach 300 GB, for which additional Rs 5,000 are charged.
  • **After additional 10 GB over the quota usage, broadband becomes unlimited but FUP applies.
  • ***Freedom Unlimited default package unless other package is selected.
  1. New Broadband over existing Landline: Rs. 2,100 inclusive of Tax
  2. New Double Play (Landline+Broadband): Rs. 3,000 inclusive of Tax


How to Buy

To subscribe to PTCL broadband service call 0800 8 0800

PTCL offers a free WiFi modem with all new connections.

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