PTCL DSL Not Working

Sometimes it really bother that you are paying to PTCL but internet is not working, and when dialing PTCL helpline 1280 they just give you ticket number and then will close ticket without even asking you that is really your issue is solved or not.

PTCL calls through automated system but even you say your DSL connection is not good, it will close your ticket.

What to do ???

Yes, this question is almost in every person’s mind “including myself” what to do now ? and frankly speaking you can’t change it. Easiest way is go to nearest Exchange find person who is dealing with DSL in your area, and ask him to come and fix it.


How to check why PTCL DSL is not working ?

Sometimes its very easy to fix internet form your home computer. you need to follow following simple steps to check why internet is not working:


Step 1: Check your LAN/wireless connection.

Is your computer is connected with wire or wireless to DSL MODEM ?
Do you have a valid IP Address on your computer ? Usually Valid IP Address is like 192.168.1.XXX. How check IP Address ?

Step 2: Is DSL light on your modem is stable ?

DSL light shows if your modem is getting DSL Link from PTCL.

Step 4: Do you have Internet light on your Modem ?

Usually DSL or Internet light is not in good condition, if DSL Light is stable but Internet light is not blinking means you have either poor configuration or there is no Internet from PTCL end. Sometime PTCL is getting outages from submarine cable network

While getting support from PTCL Helpline, mention them that your DSL or Internet light status.

Step 5: Checking DSL Modem Setting .

Now as you are all set with the LAN connection now you have to open DSL Modem with the internet explorer in your computer. Now you have to type in the address bar. This will ask for Username and Password. Usually it’s Username:admin with same password.

You have to perform or view following settings:

Go to the advanced setup tab and then press on WAN.

  1. Now the table will appear that contains almost 4 profiles. If you are making the use of optical Fiber connection then you have to put (8 in “VPI”) and (81 in “VCI”). On other side if you are using copper connection then you have to put (0 in “VPI”) and (103 in “VCI”) and then check box for make possible Quality of Service.
  2. Now in the connection box you have to type chose “PPP ovei Ethernet” and then click on next option. Now you have to enter your User name and password that is all offered to you by the PTCL to you.
  3. Now in the last and final step you will be getting 4 profiles from which you will be choosing one profile and then press SAVE/Reboot.


If you got lucky to solve your internet issue, and able to connect internet, check if you are getting full speed from PTCL to check open Speed test website.

If you have any suggestion to upgrade this post or you have any question please feel free to ask in comments.

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