PTCL Speed Test

This PTCL SPEED TEST Application is measuring flow rates in receiving / transmitting and ping between your computer and PTCL server.




What is the speed test?
The speedtest Ariase to measure the speed of your Internet connection. Whatever your subscription (ADSL, fiber optic, satellite …), your Internet is at a certain speed measured in Megabits (Mbit / s) or kilobits per second (kbit / s). The higher the rate, the better your connection is performing. This is the speed of your bandwidth determines the time it takes to download and upload data to the Internet.

What influences the speed of your connection?
The ISPs still communicate on packages up to XX Mbit / s by taking the maximum theoretical value available on their networks. However, this in no way guarantees that your connection will be as fast!

Performance speed depend on several factors: the technical eligibility of your home, your computer equipment (PC, modem), your local network (WiFi, CPL, RJ45 cables ….) and quality of service of your operator ( clamping, overloads, interconnections …).