Slow Internet Speed Today?

Slow Internet Speed –– Causes & Solutions:

Your Internet connection has become slow? You have to check a few things when you are suffering from a slow internet connection.

To speed up the Internet you should start from your computer.  A slow internet can be due to a slow computer. Maintaining your computer is very important if your computer is not fully updated means drivers and windows are not updated, chances are you will get in some trouble due to this.  Few Questions you should ask yourself before complaining to PTCL Helpline.

  1. What is the state of your computer actually?
  2. Is your computer having enough RAM?
  3. Is your computer having any updated Anti-Virus Software?
  4. Are there any unnecessary services running on your computer?
  5. Is there any software which is consuming CPU?
  6. Have you ever cleaned up your computer?


Why is Computer Maintenance Important?

If the overall performance of your computer is faulty, it will be almost impossible to speed up the Internet, slow internet connection or Internet network could be a consequence. The state of your computer plays, in addition to a good Internet connection, a crucial role in the speed of the Internet. A congested and slow computer has a negative impact on your Internet speed. By maintaining and cleaning the computer your Internet will no longer be slow. The cause is that the operating system has an additional NOS (Network Operating System) to provide network and Internet functionality. It must also be preserved.
Therefore, check the health of your computer with Windows optimization software. You do not care for your PC, or you’ve never done that before? So read our page on this subject: Computer Slow – what to do? When you have a Mac, you could read: Clean your Mac. Clean your computer and maintain it with Windows cleaning and optimization software, This is an important step, If your computer is cleaned, you can check the status of your Internet and your Internet browser.

Is Internet browsing slow?

If you are browsing and your Internet is slow, you should check out a few things.

1. Check if there is a virus or spyware

The main cause of the slow internet is the presence of viruses and spyware. Especially spyware significantly slows down activities. Spyware logs your activities and provides information to hackers. If your computer is infected with viruses and spyware, these will be redirected through your Internet connections to other users using the resources of your system. Result: not only a slow Internet but also a slow PC. You do not yet have anti-virus with a spyware detection, or an anti-virus program that does not work well? So I suggest you use the SpyHunter of Enigma software or the PCKeeper. It is a reliable and quality virus scanner and it has won many awards.

2. Browser Configuration

Many browser toolbars resulting in a slow Internet. In new versions of Internet browsers, there is a new concept introduced: the browser add-ons, or browser toolbars. You can install this toolbar and then it will appear in your web browser. The Google Toolbar is an example of such an add-on. This toolbar is useful but makes your Internet browser slower … Not only does the startup of the browser take longer, the general speed of the Internet is also suffering. Below is an example of a web browser with many add-ons installed.

If you use the standard settings of your Internet browser, you can make the Internet faster by changing this configuration. For the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browser, you can find on this site information how you can change these settings. For some parameters, some computer experience is required.

3. Internet connection

If several people in your home use the Internet and both download movies, games and other files, this has a negative effect on the quality and speed of the Internet. You can do two things: 1. Stop downloads (and resume downloading when you stop browsing) 2 Contract another type of Internet, a faster connection. Want to know how fast your internet connection is? You can test it here: Internet speed test .

4. Use your browser’s cache

What is a browser cache? Here is an example. When you browse there are constantly web pages with texts, images, music, movies that are downloaded to your PC. This information is always stored on your computer (your hard drive). Suppose you do not have a browser cache, after visiting the page, all this information will be deleted from your hard drive. Advantage: Your hard disk remains clean. Disadvantage: as soon as there is a new visit to the same page, all the information must be downloaded again. It takes time: wait a long time until the page is displayed. The cache avoids this and the site you visited sooner will be loaded faster. You can determine how many Mo you want to reserve for that on your hard drive. Use an Internet browser cache and so you can easily speed up the Internet.

5. Compare Internet Service Providers

Your internet speed is determined by your provider and the type of contract you have entered into. Sometimes some suppliers do not keep their promises. Or you need to restart your new router to implement changes from your provider. You want to test the speed of your Internet connection, it is advisable to use a PC speed test and apply Internet speed test. Another good article on this topic: test the speed of the Internet.

If after the test it appears that Internet speed does not match what the provider promises, you may decide to change provider or to request another type of contract. There is a lot of competition between Internet providers. Often, a provider offers more speed for the same amount that you pay to your current provider. Compare the different offers of Internet providers, you can compare them here. Making the Internet faster by switching providers is simple and in many cases, you do not have to pay more than you are accustomed to.

6. Securing the Internet

What about the security of your communications and access to the Internet? Have you secured your Wif-Fi? Your web traffic and access can be easily monitored or worse, pirated. It is a smart move to use a VPN service to encrypt your web traffic and secure the Internet. In addition, a VPN service offers much other fun and useful benefits. A good VPN service is offered by HideMyAss.


In this article, we have explained how a slow Internet is related to a number of factors that are related to each other. The acceleration of an internet connection is, therefore, to clean up your computer of any clutter, optimizing your browser, modifying cache settings, measuring the Internet speed of your current provider and comparing the offers of service providers’ Internet. How much can you get extra bandwidth and MB per month, for as little money as possible?

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