TOP 10 Must have Android Apps

TOP 10 Must-have Android apps

You just got your new smartphone, you know many great apps exist to power it but you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you just want to complete your collection. In this post you’ll find a selection of 10 free apps we think are essential to any Android smartphone.

TOP 10 Must-have Android apps


Waze is the GPS reference: it relies on its user community to display up-to-date traffic leading to the best itineraries possible. You can warn the community about any obstacle in the way, and in return use their signals (crash, traffic jam, police check…).

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Angry Birds

THE iconic smartphone game! Developed in 2009, it has been downloaded more than a billion times since then. The objective is simple, you use a slingshot to get rid of all the visible green pigs, thanks to different breeds of birds with different powers.

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This app’s goal is to become your customized digital magazine. Pick content you’re interested in (gastronomy, news, etc.) or go straight to the blogs / websites / social networks feeds, then Flipboard delivers the formated news posts to you in a user-friendly, pretty magazine-like look.

Little bonus: you can save articles to read at a later time.

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This app works in the main cities of the world and can therefore be helpful for your trips abroad. It gives you the most relevant itineraries thanks to up-to-date travel times, using 5 different means of transportation: railroad network (subway, streetcar…), bus, cab, walk, bicycle. An easy-to-use app accessible for all.

Little bonus: the app alerts you when your stop is getting close, useful when you want to take a nap during transportation.

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If you haven’t imported your music on your phone yet, or if the radio is not enough, Spotify allows you to access a large song directory. Listen to many songs for free and create your own playlists.

Little bonus: based on what you listen to, the app will recommend similar songs, a nice way to find out about new artists that may appeal to you.

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Crowdsourcing is the trend, meaning participative production: the Tripadvisor app (a reference in the tourism world) is fed by hundreds of thousands of travelers. This will allow you to have many opinions and reviews at your disposal regarding restaurants, accommodations, tourist attractions and activities, be it in your country or abroad.

Little bonus: the possibility to download data from towns for offline access.

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Line Tools

A real digital Swiss army knife! You’ll be prepared for any situation with all the tools this app has to offer: compass, sonometer, flashlight, QR code reader, size table… Complete !

Little bonus: a spaghetti measurer, to figure out the cooking time needed…

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The well-known IMDB app is the worldwide movie reference. If you’re looking for a movie theater, schedule, or just want to read the news, the app will do it perfectly and you’ll save a lot of time.

Little bonus: the possibility the create movie watchlists, so you won’t forget about any movie you want to watch.

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This messenger app uses your internet connexion to call and send written/voice messages. Very useful when your phone plan doesn’t include unlimited texts and calls, or when your friends or yourself are abroad. You can also create group conversations, you can’t-do that by just texting.

Little bonus: you get a notification when your message is read, and vice-versa your friends will know whenever you open theirs.

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Battery Doctor

If you have an energy-greedy smartphone, Battery Doctor can help you manage its battery life better. It displays the apps you don’t use and those draining your battery monitors your phone’s temperature, or the time left before your phone is done charging.

Little bonus: you can set up energy-saving modes, helpful when you know you’re not going to use your phone a lot (at work, during the night…)

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