What to use to clean your laptop?

After explaining how to clean your laptop keyboard , we will focus today on the right products to clean your computer in its entirety.

Because it is more difficult to clean a laptop than a desktop, we’ll give you some tips and a selection of products that will be useful.
Note that regular maintenance will allow you to significantly increase the life of your hardware.

Warning : If you are not expert, we strongly discourage you to disassemble your own computer for cleaning. This might void your warranty …

Before you start cleaning, for safety, it is highly recommended to turn off the power of a computer. So Turn off your laptop, unplug the AC outlet and remove the battery.

Remove dust

Laptops are quickly becoming real nests dust …
The dry air bomb is a particularly effective product when it comes to dusting hard to reach areas like the inside of USB ports or other parts cramped. The plastic rod provided with these bombs can reach every corner without problems.

Clean Screen

You can use the cleansing gel , which has the advantage of not flow, or the liquid product specifically designed for screens. These products are most of the time treated anti-reflective and anti-traces.

We recommend the use of clothes microfiber or soft cloth because the screen is fragile and scratches very easily. Handkerchiefs and towels should be avoided.

You can also purchase cloth for the screen : wet cleaning and dry to wipe.

Note : Be sure to avoid products alcohol and / or ammonia.

Also, it is important to always remove the cleaner with a microfiber cloth or a soft cloth , and not directly on the surface to be cleaned to avoid that the product gets into the screen.

There are also commercially, the kits consist of a paint brush, a cloth and a specific product to the laptop screen.


Disinfect computer

There are bactericidal products, fungicidal and virucidal that can disinfect your entire hardware (screen, keyboard, mouse, peripherals …) and even your hands. These eliminate all viruses and bacteria and thus help prevent their spread … Remember that a laptop keyboard has more germs than a toilet bowl!


For fans solutions “all in one”, there are kits complete compounds of the whole range of products needed to clean the computer.



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